Kitten Checklist

When adopting a new kitten, be sure to have the following items ready:

  • Litter Box & Scoop
  • Litter (Recommended: clumping litter)
  • Toys (Recommended: laser pointer, pipe cleaners, fake mice)
  • Cat Treats (Recommended: Feline Greenies)
  • Food Dish
  • Water Dish or Pet Water Fountain
  • Grooming Supplies: Comb and Cat-safe Tearless Shampoo
  • Flea Control
  • Cat Carrier
  • Food:
    • Kitten:
    • Dry food: at least 34% protein and 18% fat content.
    • Wet food: at least 13% protein and 6% fat content.

    • Cat:
    • Dry food: at least 33% protein and 15% fat content.
    • Wet food: at least 10% protein and 4% fat content.
    Royal Canin, Iams, and Purina Pro Plan are all good examples of dry and wet foods that follow these guidelines.

A majority of our information on litters 2013 and later exists entirely on our Facebook page. Please view it for more recent information, including availability and photo albums of recent litters.

If you are interested in purchasing a kitten, or if you simply want to know more about our kittens, our cattery, or the Siberian breed, please fill out the Information Request Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pricing, Reservations, Procedures, and Allergy Testing

Our current fee for pet-quality Siberian kittens is $1100, including a $200 non-refundable deposit, with the remaining balance to be paid at the time that you pick up your kitten from us. Because colorpoint kittens are rare due to a recessive gene, they are an additional $100. If there are no currently available kittens, you may place a deposit to reserve a spot on our waiting list. (In the interest of fairness, the order of the waiting list is determined by the date we receive your deposit; we do not save any spots by request.)

When the new litter arrives, those at the top of the waiting list will select their kittens first, usually once the kittens are approximately four to six weeks old and begin to show some personality. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the number of kittens in a litter or the respective genders or colors of the kittens, but we will give you an educated estimate of how many kittens we expect, and what their general color patterns will be.

Because we run our cattery from our home rather than as a business, we require a $25 fee for an hour-long visit to test for allergies. This fee will be factored into your deposit if you choose to purchase a kitten. We are doing our best to balance the different parts of our schedule, and usually make ourselves available for visitors on the weekends, as long as we have some warning. Please contact us if you are interested in a home visit, as we must schedule things in advance.

Previous Litters (2007-2012)

Litter 1 (Storm), September 19, 2007: Corsair

Litter 2 (Storm), March 29, 2008: Sabretooth, Quicksilver, Jubilee, Havok

Litter 3 (Storm), August 16, 2008: Longshot

Litter 4 (Storm), April 25, 2009: Dozer, Tigon, Eon, Ara

Litter 5 (Phoenix), June 13, 2009: Shadowcat, Dusk, Falcon, Cupid, Archangel

Litter 6 (Storm), September 26, 2009: Nick Fury, Silver Sable, Emma Frost, Cable, Bishop

Litter 7 (Phoenix), November 20, 2009: Sienna, Firestar, Glory

Litter 8 (Storm), May 10, 2010: Banshee

Litter 9 (Phoenix), June 13, 2010: Maya, Omega Red, Hood, Nightcrawler

Litter 10 (Storm), August 12, 2010: Kaine, Tae, Namora, Wallflower

Litter 11 (Storm), January 25, 2011: Odin, Thor, Loki, Frigga

Litter 12 (Phoenix), April 6, 2011: Nightshade, Jester, Lionheart

Litter 13 (Storm), June 9, 2011: Maelstrom, Zalcor, Petra, Paradox, Javelin

Litter 14 (Phoenix), September 10, 2011: Inferno, Sunset, Nova, Icarus