Storm had four kittens in her second litter: Sabretooth, a very large and majestic brown mackerel tabby; Quicksilver, a playful and affectionate dark silver mackerel tabby; Jubilee, the only female, a silver mackerel tabby, looking very much like her mother; and Havok, a little mischief maker colored black with white. All of the kittens have the white spotting gene and have white undercoats, from their nose or chin to the base of their tail.

They have all gone on to lovely homes, where we know they will be spoiled rotten. Jubilee has gone to another breeder to make more beautiful Siberians. We are sure they are all doing great, and we're glad to have passed the gift of furry companionship on to others.


Storm appreciates her hard work (0 days old)
Everyone is hungry (0 days old)
Fed and tired, the kittens rest (0 days old)

Two to four days old:

The resting never ends (2 days old)
I see kitten faces! (3 days old)
Kittens can eat and sleep at the same time (3 days old)
Eating and growing quickly (4 days old)

Five to ten days old:

More resting (6 days old)
This job is tiring! (8 days old)
When feeding time is over, it's back to sleep (10 days old)

Eleven to twenty days old:

Yet more resting (12 days old)
Feeding time! (12 days old)
Sorry, this is pretty much all they do at first (16 days old)
Not very active, but very cute (18 days old)

Video: Thirteen days old -- Note: the XviD (recommended) or DivX codec are required to view this video.

Video, kittens at play (13 days old)

Twenty-one to twenty-five days old:

Feeding room is starting to become much tighter (22 days old)
Close-up:  Sabretooth (22 days old)
Close-up:  Quicksilver (22 days old)
Close-up:  Jubilee (22 days old)
Close-up:  Havok (22 days old)
Big enough to play-fight! (22 days old)

Four to six weeks old:

Almost big enough to leave the enclosure! (4 weeks old)
Quicksilver sees all from the kitten platform (5 weeks old)
Sabretooth plays with his little sister (5 weeks old)
Sabretooth and Quicksilver rest in the bowl (5 weeks old)
Havok and Jubilee play with the springy thing (5 weeks old)
Quicksilver and Jubilee in the same bowl (5 weeks old)
Group nap time with Quicksilver! (5 weeks old)
Quicksilver finds a hiding spot (6 weeks old)
Havok is thirsty! (6 weeks old)
Quicksilver rests on the large cat tree (6 weeks old)
Jubilee rests in front of Sabretooth (6 weeks old)
More resting in the big tree! (6 weeks old)

Seven to ten weeks old:

A closeup of Jubilee (7 weeks old)
Quicksilver is exhausted from a day of play (7 weeks old)
Havok is sleepy too! (7 weeks old)
Sabretooth rests with Havok (7 weeks old)
Jubilee (8 weeks old)
Jubilee attacks! (8 weeks old)
Havok once again shows off his ability to drink (8 weeks old)
Sabretooth at rest (8 weeks old)
Get the lens cap! (8 weeks old)
I think they're trying to spell something (8 weeks old)
Quicksilver holds the door shut (9 weeks old)
Quicksilver in Meow Town (9 weeks old)
Quicksilver(9 weeks old)
Quicksilver drags his kill back to his lair (9 weeks old)