Why purebred?

We have all, certainly, heard of purebred dogs, and most of us have also wondered why anyone would spend so much time, effort, and money to obtain and breed dogs who share traits with many of the mutts out there to choose from. Any dedicated breeder will tell you that a breeding program is about more than just maintaining one or two traits a breed may possess. A successful breeding program capitalizes on all of a breed's traits, keeping a specialized set of features, color patterns, and character.

We breed cats for the same reason; we want our Siberians to display the best of what the breed has to offer: soft, thick coats of brilliant color, intelligence, and boundless affection. They are, as a rule, healthy and hardy cats designed to thrive in harsh environments, and while the dangers of the wild are (or should) not be present in the household, their athleticism and agility is evident even in the home.

But what motivation is there for someone who simply wants a pet to pay for a purebred? For one, breeders are dedicated to providing their customers with solid bloodlines, ones with a lower tendency for congenital defects and diseases. Breeders generally raise their cats in well-controlled environments, and most keep their cats indoors one hundred percent of the time to avoid exposing their cats to communicable disease. In the same vein, breeders will also provide documentation of a kitten's vaccinations so that you can be assured that your cat will be with you for many long years to come. For those interested in showing cats, associations such as the CFA only recognize pedigreed purebreds for their championship, premiership, and kitten divisions. Lastly, a breeder is your dedicated resource for the care of your kitten; we care as much about a kitten's health after it leaves our house as we do while it is here with us, and we encourage our clients to avail themselves of our knowledge of all aspects of cat ownership.