Why Siberian?

We chose Siberians for their intellect, intense curiosity, sociability, and tendency not to stimulate allergic reaction*. We devoted a large amount of time to research prior to purchasing our first Siberian, Attis, and found that the characteristics of the breed fit our needs. When Attis finally arrived in our home and immediately acclimated to his new domain, he showed us qualities that exceeded our expectations.

Siberians tend to be well-disposed. We have found that ours respond to their own names, coming from across the house if we call to them. They will follow us around the house, sit and even go to sleep with us, and greet us in the morning and when we return home from work. Their play is not limited to cat toys; they have been known to play fetch and even peek-a-boo, chirping and trilling all the while.

Siberians are longhairs. Of the breeds of cat known to exhibit hypo-allergenic properties, Siberians have the fullest coats (of course, most of the others are "hairless" or close to it). Smaller in size than their Maine Coon Cat and Norwegian Forest Cat relatives, Siberians have a triple coat: one soft, down-like layer to retain heat, their normal hair, and guard hairs that prevent their fur from matting (which also makes them look fuzzy). In the United States, male Siberians grow to about 10-17 lbs., females to about 8-13lbs. They mature slowly, and can take up to five years to reach full maturity.


Rating the breed on a scale of one to ten the Siberian rates the following:

Activity level - 6 Affection toward its owner - 7 Intelligence - 8
Playfulness - 8 Vocalism - 3 Independence - 6
Need for attention - 5 Docility - 3 Healthiness & hardiness - 9
Need for grooming - 3 Compatibility with children - 8 Compatibility with other pets - 8